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STREAMS]] Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz Live Free On Boxing Fight TV Channel

Teófimo López will take on Jamaine Ortiz later tonight (Feb. 8) in a super lightweight bout over 12 rounds, during which they will compete for López's WBO super lightweight title.

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Boxing: Teofimo Lopez Jr vs Jamaine Ortiz Live Stream (February 8, 2024)

The upcoming clash Teofimo Lopez Jr vs Jamaine Ortiz Live Stream is generating immense excitement in the boxing world. our team’s in-depth analysis of the match, covering key details such as date, time, broadcasting channels, venue, how to watch Live, and ticket information.

Event Date and Time

The highly anticipated bout is scheduled for Thursday, February 8, at 10:30 p.m. ET, with international viewers tuning in at 3:30 a.m. UK time.

Broadcasting Channels

In the United States, fans can catch the action live on ESPN+. Meanwhile, UK broadcasting details are yet to be confirmed, adding an element of suspense for viewers across the pond.


The stage for this electrifying showdown is set at the Michelob ULTRA Arena, situated in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. This iconic venue adds an extra layer of glamour to the event, befitting the magnitude of the clash.

Ticket Information

For avid spectators eager to witness the battle firsthand, tickets went on sale starting Friday, January 5, at 1 p.m. ET. The official platform for securing seats is sportlivedaily, offering fans the opportunity to be part of boxing history.

Teofimo Lopez Jr vs Jamaine Ortiz Live Stream

In the heart-pounding world of boxing, the upcoming showdown between Teofimo Lopez Jr vs Jamaine Ortiz Live Stream is poised to captivate fans worldwide. This short introduction provides a sneak peek into the highly anticipated live stream, offering a ringside experience for enthusiasts eager to witness every jab, hook, and knockout blow.

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Teofimo Lopez

Current Record: 19-1, 13 KOs

Titles: WBO and Ring magazine champion

Recent Performances

Lopez’s meteoric rise includes a victory over Josh Taylor, securing the WBO and Ring titles.

This match marks his first title defense since claiming victory at Madison Square Garden’s Theater in June.

Jamaine Ortiz

Current Record: 17-1-1, 8 KOs

Recent Performances

Ortiz’s transition to the 140 lbs category saw him triumph over Antonio Moran.

His anticipation and excitement for this world title fight highlight his determination to make a mark on the boxing scene.

Head-to-Head Analysis

Previous Encounter

As amateurs in 2015, Teofimo Lopez and Jamaine Ortiz faced off for the National Golden Gloves title.

Lopez emerged victorious, setting the stage for a compelling professional rematch.

Common Opponents

Both fighters have shared the ring with the legendary Vasyl Lomachenko, each experiencing different outcomes. This shared history adds an intriguing layer to their rivalry.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Lopez’s Boxing Wizardry

Known for his boxing wizardry, Lopez brings a unique skill set to the ring.

Aspirations for title defense showcase his confidence and commitment to maintaining his status as a champion.

Ortiz’s Confidence and Determination

Ortiz exudes confidence and determination, evident in his eagerness for this world title fight.

His journey to 140 lbs signifies a strategic move to conquer new challenges.

Expert Opinions

Bob Arum’s Praise for Teofimo Lopez

Bob Arum, the head honcho at Top Rank, lauds Teofimo Lopez as more than just a fighter, describing him as a boxing wizard with a penchant for challenges. This acknowledgment underlines Lopez’s standing in the boxing world.

Jimmy Burchfield, Sr.’s Confidence in Jamaine Ortiz

CES Boxing’s bigwig, Jimmy Burchfield, Sr., exudes confidence in Jamaine Ortiz. Burchfield predicts Ortiz’s victory, confidently stating that Ortiz will claim the champion title from Teofimo Lopez.


Expert Predictions

Ortiz’s Desire to Swipe the Champion Title

Jamaine Ortiz expresses his eagerness to seize the champion title, emphasizing the hunger and determination he brings to the ring.

Lopez’s Confidence in Becoming the King of the Ring

Teofimo Lopez, not just aiming for a win, vows to send a thunderbolt through his division, showcasing his ambition to dominate the boxing landscape.

Personal History

Past Victory by Lopez in Their Amateur Encounter

Teofimo Lopez holds a past victory over Jamaine Ortiz from their amateur encounter in 2015, creating a historical backdrop for their professional rematch.

Both Fighters’ Experiences Against Vasyl Lomachenko

Both fighters have faced Vasyl Lomachenko, a shared experience that adds layers of complexity to their professional rivalry.

Live Coverage and How to Watch

A. Live Score, Fixture, and Result

Real-time updates during the match will be available, keeping fans abreast of the unfolding action.

B. Live TV Streaming

ESPN+ for U.S. Viewers

American fans can catch the live broadcast on ESPN+, ensuring comprehensive coverage of every punch and jab.

UK Broadcaster (To Be Confirmed)

UK viewers are eagerly awaiting confirmation of the broadcaster, heightening the anticipation for the fight.

C. Additional News

Any last-minute changes or updates will be crucial for fans planning to tune in, ensuring they don’t miss a moment of the action.

Stay informed on the latest developments through reliable sources, ensuring access to up-to-the-minute details.


Recap of Key Points

In summary, the Teofimo Lopez vs. Jamaine Ortiz boxing match promises an electrifying spectacle. Key details such as the event date, venue, and fighter backgrounds set the stage for an unforgettable showdown.

Final Thoughts and Expectations for the Lopez vs. Ortiz Showdown

As an expert analyzing the matchup, the clash between Lopez and Ortiz live streaming is not just a battle for titles; it’s a collision of contrasting styles, histories, and aspirations. Expect fireworks in the ring as these two warriors vie for supremacy in the junior welterweight division. Stay tuned for an unforgettable night of boxing



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