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((STREAMING<<<<))Thomas vs Muniz LIve 09 Febraury 2024

With all eyes on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas this weekend, Canadian Eddie (Spaghetti) Brahimir is ready to make his own mark in Sin City.

* LAST UPDATED : February 09, 2024.*

Preferably on the face of American middleweight Branden (The Butcher) Bordeaux. Brahimir and Bordeaux are set to face off Friday on the “Power Slap 6: KO Chris vs Muniz” card at the Durango Casino & Resort. The brainchild of UFC president Dana White, Power Slap looks akin to arm-wrestling at first glance. But instead of locking hands, competitors take turns delivering open-handed slaps to their opponent’s face in a three-round contest with one blow per round. Not for everyone, it is both brutal and popular. With two officials protectively positioned behind the competitor about to get hit, it is clear violence is coming. Blows are shown in super-slow motion, with grimacing faces contorted in unnatural positions due to the force of the slaps. Sometimes the slap-receiver doesn’t get up in time to continue. If each competitor can absorb three blows, it goes to the judges. White calls it “the ultimate test of toughness.” Brahimir, a chiselled 26-year-old from Caledonia, Ont., is the lone Canadian currently on the Power Slap roster. “I’m absolutely stoked,” Brahimir said Thursday from Las Vegas. “It’s Super Bowl weekend. Vegas is going to be packed and I’m ready to put on a show for a real crowd.” Friday’s card is the first Power Slap event open to the public. Brahimir (1-1 with one knockout) trains with his brother Emerson, a body builder, working on his slap time and time again. “I just try to stay dialed, eat healthy and get in as many slaps in as I can just to make sure that when I go up there on stage, I’m going to do what I came here to do.” While he works on perfecting his slap, he does not take them in training. For obvious reasons. Instead he works on his neck and jaw. And he trains jiu-jitsu five or six days a week, which helps strengthens the neck. Asked what it’s like to take a slap to the face from a pro, Brahimir says the first blow is usually the worst. “After the first slap, you kind of see what it feels like and how it is,” he explained. “And to be honest, when you’re in the moment and your adrenalin’s going and you’re up on stage and you’ve got the lights and the cameras on you, you don’t feel it at all.” Competitors wear a mouthpiece and put cotton wool in their ears, to avoid having their eardrums blown out. The person getting hit stands dead straight, holding a swimming-style noodle behind their back to keep their hands out of the way. Power Slap calls itself “the world’s premier slap-fighting promotion.” Founded by White, former UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and veteran reality TV producer Craig Piligian, in partnership with the UFC, it is regulated and sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the California State Athletic Commission. Power Slap has drawn on the “The Ultimate Fighter” reality TV format that served the UFC so well. In Season 1 of “Power Slap: Road to the Title,” 22 fighters went into the so-called Power Slap House to live, train and fight. That produced the organization’s first four champions. Season 2 drew 24 competitors, including Brahimir, whose day job is as a CNC (computer numerically controlled) operator at a carpentry millwork shop. The five-11, 184-pound Brahimir lost to Bordeaux in Episode 5 in a three-round affair, but did enough to be kept on the show as an alternate. “He’s got a chin on him,” White marvelled after Brahimir absorbed a mighty slap. A pimple popped on one of the blows, leaving Brahimir with a bloody divot on his cheek. The 30-year-old Bordeaux (2-0) comes by his nickname honestly. He and his brother own a mobile slaughtering operation in Michigan. “We respect each other … I really like Branden,” Brahimir said. “I’m ready to put on a show with him.” Bordeaux is ranked fourth among middleweight contenders. Brahimir is No. 6. Brahimir got a second chance in Episode 9 when he stopped American Amir Nuriddeen with his first blow. That earned him a spot on Friday’s card. Bordeaux went on to beat (Slappy) Joe Landman to secure his spot. After first seeing a Power Slap video, Brahimir was encouraged to get involved by friends. He contacted Power Slap matchmaker Erica Olsthoorn, a fellow Canadian from Niagara Falls, Ont., via social media. And after several months of interviews and tests, he was accepted into the ranks. Brahimir entered the Power Slap house in October, spending three weeks with fellow competitors. “It was little much at first, but after getting to know everyone — everyone that was in the house with me was a good guy — I had no quarrels with anyone,” he said. “I think some of these guys I’m probably going to be friends with for a very long time,” he added. “It was a lot of fun … a good experience.” Season 2 started airing in mid-November with 12 episodes featuring fighters in five weight classes from welterweight to super-heavyweight. “My mom wasn’t too stoked about it at first,” Brahimir said. “But after seeing the whole process and how much I enjoy everything that I’m doing now … my friends and family are very supportive. Even my grandma thinks it’s cool.” Brahimir isn’t concerned about critics of Power Slap, saying only “people have their own opinions on everything.” He says the sport has done wonders for his confidence. And helped his bank balance. “There’s a nice bit of money to be made,” he said. “And I feel like this has already been a life-changing experience. I think from here it’s only up.” Friday’s main event features the Season 2 coaches — welterweight champion (KO) Chris Thomas (5-0 with five knockouts) and Emanuel (No Love) Muniz (4-2 with one KO). In the co-main event, Sheena (The Hungarian Hurricane) Bathory faces Jackie (The Hybrid) Cataline. Bathory won Power Slap’s Instagram fan vote for knockout of the year for her second-round victory over Christine Wolmarans at Power Slap 5 in the first regulated women’s match. Bathory is featured in Power Slap’s largest Instagram video, which drew 159 million views. Power Slap 6 is just around the corner, and fans are gearing up to see their favorites go head-to-head in a power-packed show. Launching on February 9th, 2024, one of the contenders has posed a tough dare to his opponent, and things have heated up. Robert Trujillo made his name in the Power Slap community, with multiple MMA titles to his credit. The icon started as a boxer and ended up pursuing slap fighting as an opportunity to make it big in MMA. And now, he’s ready for another challenge. In a recent interview, the athlete talked about his plans for the upcoming season and how he’s preparing for the sixth edition of the sport. Amidst this, he took the chance to challenge his upcoming contender by starting a banter. Trujillo is set to combat Dallas Marron, and fans have already sided with him. The former is shooting for a lightweight title this year and hopes that this season will grant him that. Keeping the banter alive, the icon challenged Marron. It seems like the champion is confident about his show and potential win. The first day of the championship will witness the duo battle it out and potentially knock the other out with powerful moves. Trujillo is a welterweight with prior experience in boxing and MMA. These skills are something that he hopes to use as a one-up for his power-slapping ventures. The New Mexico resident carries a lot of support from his hometown and locals, who even dedicated an entire day to him. Therefore, winning the title is a huge deal for the icon. Power Slap 6 will see some of the popular contenders lock horns as they try to knock each other out. Frank Lamicella, President of Power Slap, has been releasing the roster gradually. So far, he has announced pairs of rivals, one post at a time. What is Power Slap? Presented as a combat sport focused on slapping one another on the head, Power Slap shows both technique and strength. Authorities do not allow defense, and one needs to go on till the other concedes or knocks out. UFC CEO and President Dana White owns the competition as a way of promoting slap fighting. It is licensed and approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. And it now successfully hosts a bunch of athletes wanting to make it big in MMA. It’s been days since Dana White promised to announce the UFC 300 main event, but there have been hardly any updates regarding the fight. White even said that if doesn’t come up with the announcement soon he would oil up. This increased the anticipation of the fans, who were left with nothing but disappointment after the CEO’s latest social media post. In his latest escapade, White, instead of sharing any update about the UFC 300 main event, took time out of his schedule to announce Power Slap fights. Well, this was the boiling point for the fans. Fans demand UFC 300 main event announcement from Dana White It’s not like Dana White does not have fighters who are ready to fight. However, there has been an unusual silence from the UFC CEO regarding the main event bout for UFC 300. Conor McGregor, Alex Pereira, and Tom Aspinall have been waiting for their call, but till now there’s no sign of them fighting in the main event in April. Just as expectations were high for a proper main event, White surprised everyone by dampening the expectations of MMA enthusiasts. UFC, rather than announcing the main event of the grand event, announced the news about Power Slap. In an Instagram post, White said, “Power Slap 6 this Friday, February 9 from the sold-out Durango Resort & Casino. The prelims start at 7:30 on the east coast and the main card starts at 9 o lock on the east coast. The main card will feature Chris Thomas (5-0, 5 KOs) vs. Emanuel Muniz (4-2, 1 KO) for the welterweight title in the main event. The co-main event will see Sheena “The Hungarian Hurricane” Bathory (2-0, 2 KOs) take on newcomer Jackie “The Hybrid” Cataline. Dana White had a unique bet with MMA personality Nina Marie Daniele, where he committed to disclosing the UFC 300 main event if their collaborative video garnered over 10,000 likes. The accompanying caption unveiled the terms of the bet, stating, “Dana White said if this video gets 10,000 comments he will announce UFC 300 main event this week or we get to oil him up.” It looks like the time may have come for Dana White to oil up as fans took to UFC’s social media to unleash their wrath on the promotion as well as the CEO. One fan hilariously commented, “We’re gonna a put so much oil on you, the US will invade.” A fan had it enough with the UFC it seems and wrote, “Enough is enough man.” Furthermore, another fan reminded White about the promise, “We want UFC 300 or we want Oil.” One fan questioned, “Where is 300 main event.” A frustrated fan had it enough and stated that it’s a joke to call Power Slap events fights, “He is calling these fights? What a joke.” A fan simply said he doesn’t care about Power Slap, “dude we don’t care. give us the 300 main event.” The Power Slap event is set to happen at Durango Resorts and earned massive praise from former dual-weight champion Conor McGregor. The Notorious wrote Power Slap 6 will feature It can be understood from the reactions of the fans that they are not amused by the recent announcement. White’s UFC 300 is probably going to be the highlight of the year but the card seriously lacks a main event. Nonetheless, let’s look at the potential main events of the night.


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